Alpha Milk

Our plant and infrastructure


Farmer Fresh currently has two plants operating in Karnal, Haryana and Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. Together, the two facilities process 9 million litres of milk every day. Both plants use the latest technology including Multi-Stage Drying (3 stage), Continuous Butter Making Machine (CBM), Auto Butter Transfers, Auto-Desludger Separator (20KL), Hassia FFS Machine and Blast Cold Rooms. Further, all of their facilities meet the norms for FSSAI & EIC, and are FSSC:22000 certified by Intertek.

Our infrastructure consists of an extended milk collection network via Village Level Collection. This milk is collected by farmers and deposited into their bulk coolers post which it is transported for processing and packing. Thereafter it is distributed to retail centres and eventually purchased by consumers. The entire chain is owned and operated by Farmer Fresh, creating an integrated business model. This integrated business model connects all aspects of the value chain of the dairy industry, starting right from cattle feed supply and procurement of raw milk from villages to the production, supply and sale of milk and milk-based products. This business model enables Farmer Fresh to leverage the dairy industry value chain, and ensure efficiency in costs and operating margins while allowing them more control over the production process, ultimately resulting in quality products.


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