Alpha Milk

Our Team

The core team consists of Dairy Experts, among them many have served in top positions at various dairy and food-related organizations. Now, they are working together to make Farmer Fresh the most preferred milk and milk products brand in the country.
An important part of the team is the farmer community, with whom Farmer Fresh works to procure their raw material, i.e. milk. Their Village Level Collection extends to over 400 villages in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, where they have installed Bulk Coolers and Milk Analyzers to facilitate collection. Each farmer from these 400 villages has invested their trust in Farmer Fresh and the company, in turn, pays it back by organizing camps to help them improve their milk quality.

  • Mr. T. B. Thirani – Advisor, Milk Procurement (Ex-MD Vita)
  • Mr. S. K. Menon – Technical, Dairy Plant
  • Mr. S. M. Chaudhary – Technical, Dryer & Evaporator
  • Mr. R. P. Singh – Technical
  • Mr. Sunil Gera – B. Sc. (DT) – VP - Operations
  • Mr. Lokendra Tripathi – I.D.D. – Production Manager
  • Mr. Subhash Maheshwari – M. Sc. – Quality Control Manager
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